This blog is dedicated to all of our designs that are in the process of being created. Check here to see what we’re dreaming up! You’ll be able to see various stages of the process – and what stage we’re currently working on. Enter your email below to receive updates on a design and we will notify you when it's available for purchase!
Once a piece has been polished and is ready to move down our virtual production line, it takes a luxurious bath in rhodium. Rhodium is a derivative of platinum and is commonly used to finish a white gold piece of jewelry. We use rhodium on all of our silver pieces as it helps to prevent the piece from tarnishing. Granted, like all metals, silver does not like harsh chemicals so please don't expose them to it. Take off your jewelry (not just ours!) before you go play in the pool or the ocean, your jewelry and jeweler will thank you later ;)

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