A note from Ari, President and Founder of What’s Your Passion

My family has been in the fine jewelry business for over 35 years. I myself am a GIA Graduate Gemologist and have been involved in the jewelry industry for most of my life. As a life-long geek, I named my company “What’s Your Passion” as it combines what I love, with what I do.

You’ll find that all of our jewelry is made in America. In fact, everything we produce is made in America, the jewelry, the boxes, the certificates, right down to the fellow geeks that package your new piece of jewelry with the utmost love and devotion to the Marvel Universe. We make jewelry for the FANatics.

These pieces of wearable art started when my wife and I decided to spend our honeymoon at San Diego Comic Con. I’ve always dabbled in jewelry design and showed a few people a geeky ring I made for myself. Everyone flipped out over my designs. Fellow fans told me that they would love to display their passion with jewelry like mine. I knew then that I had to make What’s Your Passion a reality. Fast forward a couple years and I closed a licensing deal with Marvel Comics to sell high-end licensed jewelry.

 In other words, I’m a geeky jeweler making geek jewelry with my family and my best friends. The What’s Your Passion Jewelry team are all geeks and we’re all doing this because we, like you, love Marvel.