Yes. All products by What’s Your Passion are made of 925 Sterling Silver, which means it is 92.5% pure silver which is considered fine jewelry and the same as you would find in any reputable jewelry store. Some items may be made with 14kt gold rather than sterling silver. This is the same quality gold you would find in any reputable jewelry store. Some items may be accented with gold, this is typically done with an even higher purity, 18k gold.



All jewelry (especially silver) can show signs of wear after some use. We have taken multiple steps to protect your piece from the elements. First of all, we have added a special layer of precious rhodium to our silver pieces, this means it has a thin layer of metal that is similar to platinum protecting the silver. That will mitigate most of what people associate with silver tarnishing. We also use an “E-Coating” when applicable that further protects your piece from wear and tarnish.



You can wear these pieces the same way most people wear fine jewelry. Water is fine, but places like pools typically have chemicals in them that can be harmful to fine jewelry. The ocean as well is very high in salt, and can be partially corrosive to precious metals. Some of our pieces have corners that might be uncomfortable or even dangerous wearing to bed, so we recommend taking them off when sleeping.


Only use a clean, soft cloth to lightly wipe away dust from your jewelry. Only use the minimum amount of force needed to clean jewelry, it can and will scratch if too much force is applied. If you take any item produced by What’s Your Passion to any other jeweler, we will not honor any warranty or returns.



Help! My item didn't come with a code!

Don't you worry! Take a picture of your item that is missing a code and send us a message either through the chat feature on our pages, or Contact US. Can always send an email to

My code isn't working, I keep getting Bad Gateway!

Neopets does have some issues with redeeming codes through Grundo's Warehouse. Refresh the page and attempt the code again. If it says the code is redeemed, check your inventory for the newest addition. If it is missing, please open a Support Ticket with Neopets on their page. 

I am missing my the code for my bonus $45 or more order!

Just contact us! That's a super easy fix, and sometimes with a large amount of orders, it may accidently get missed. 

What prizes come in each Tier? Do you remember what the exclusive codes were?!

Each prize tier comes with a handful of prizes unless it is one of our exclusive convention products. If you would like to keep up to date with that information, check out Jellyneo's Page Here